Program Details

Step 1:

Review this website and identify the companies and products that may be a good fit for your organization, based on your own customers’ demands. After you review the companies, please indicate the products that you feel would be suitable for a trial run, and Request Samples. We will then send samples to your door at no cost.

Step 2:

After you have received the samples, and have had time to review the products, you have the option to contact the exporters. We will help facilitate the communication, or simply provide contact details at your request, so that you have everything you need to carry out business with the exporters of your choosing.

Step 3:

You will then be able to try the products in your markets. We will support your sales efforts by dedicating a US-based sales support specialist to assist your sales team.  This specialist is already in contact with all the exporting companies involved in this program, and can provide all the technical product information, sales sheets, mockups and hi-def digital promotional materials to ensure that your sales team has everything required to effectively present the new product lines to your final customers. The specialist will not only be available over the phone or by email, but also able to visit your company in person, should you require (Texas locations).

Step 4:

After the trial, we just ask that you provide us with feedback. We would like to know which products sold quickly, which took longer, and any final customer feedback that you have received. If there are products that you feel align very well with your customer base, we hope you activate future orders with the selected companies.

Additional Program Benefit:

As an additional benefit for companies that have operations in Texas, we will cover the freight cost from Peru to the Port of Houston and the transportation to destination (your warehouse) for the first 40’ container ordered. Companies without distribution in Texas who use other US ports for imports are welcome to participate too and benefit from the advantages of buying food products from top Peruvian companies, and will be sent product samples upon request, but will not be granted freight and transportation to destination costs. This does not require you to purchase a full container of goods, as we will consolidate the first pallets ordered until we have received enough orders to fill one container. To participate in this benefit, which is first come first serve, it is imperative that you finalize the purchase and inform our office (not just the exporting company) of your purchase and desire to load your pallets in this consolidated container.  Your company will be responsible for the purchase of the goods and any applicable customs clearance processing charges, importation fees and taxes. You will also have the option to forego the free delivery if you would rather accept the goods at the Port of Houston and use your own local courier service or your own trucks.

Costs covered by this additional program benefit: